How To Combat Zoom Fatigue With New Ways To Connect

We are almost at the one year mark of the pandemic and working from home, so the Zoom fatigue is real. If you are tired of connecting with teammates by staring at each other in Zoom meetings, here are some ideas on how to combat Zoom fatigue with refreshing new ways to connect.


Get off Zoom

Zoom meetings are so 2020. Elevate your meetings and digital gatherings by meeting in new spaces. With Mixily’s Virtual Venue you can host custom video gatherings right on your website. Design your venue in your brand colors and logo, then easily embed it right on your website. It’s totally free to set up and there is unlimited call length. With the meeting embedded right on your website, you’ll have a designated url, like so you’ll never be scrambling for a link again. Plus you can include links to agendas, music playlists or other relevant documents right below the video chat. Upgrade from a generic black meeting box to your own designated space and wow your co-workers.

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As WFH continues to grow, Slack is becoming one of the main hubs where work happens. It's also becoming a place where we can find opportunities to connect, without having to hop on a tiresome Zoom call. A great way to connect with your teammates and get to know them better is with Bill Is Fun. Bill Is Fun is a Slack app that uses a fun icebreaker game to help your team get to know each other better. Try it out for free today at


Re-Evaluate Meetings

Maybe it’s time to take a look at your recurring meetings and decide if they all really need to be a meeting. Think of how many hours your teammates are staring at a computer and see if there is an opportunity to turn some of the meetings into a quick email or Slack update. Be mindful of extra time spent in meetings and be kind to your team’s time.


Make video optional

If the status quo currently is that everyone has their camera turned on for every meeting, maybe set a new standard that it’s ok to turn off the video. Even if it’s just for certain meetings, giving everyone a bit of a break from the camera will be refreshing. Perhaps there is a certain meeting you could turn into a walking meeting and encourage teammates to join via phone and all go on a walk together while checking in.