In 2020, David O. and Steve Snygin built Bill Is Fun. Bill Is Fun is no longer operationable. We are keeping this page up as proof that we did the damn thing.

Thank you to everyone who invited Bill into their Slack workspace!


Hi! I'm Bill πŸ‘¦

I help your team stay connected and have fun all within Slack.

I do this by creating a game with fun and original icebreaker questions!

Keep your team engaged in a fun culture building activity

Discover connections you have with teammates

It only takes a minute to get to know your team!

Everyday Bill posts your team’s Icebreaker answers. When teammates learn more about each other, they build trust. Learn why building trust in your team is so important.

Get familiar with new hires



Bill is such a great addition to our team as we work remotely because it allows us to still feel connected and feel like we're getting to know each other better every day! I always look forward to the fun questions Bill has prepared and get excited to see how the rest of the team has answered.
Jay, Customer Support Specialist @ Notion

Turn team culture into a fun competition πŸ†

Track who on your team is scoring the most points with a daily leaderboard. Competition is a another great way to make your team feel more like a team.