Hi, I’m BILL 👦

I help your team stay connected in Slack with fun icebreaker games.

Remote work doesn’t have to be isolating and boring. Get enganged and Get Familiar with your team.

Unlimited # of original Icebreaker questions

Get to know your team on a deeper level with fun and intriguing icebreaker questions.

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Keep your team enganged with a daily Icebreaker game

See how well you know your team by guessing fun facts about them. This is a great way for your team to stay engaged with each other for a short amount of time every day.

Get closer to your team by learning more about them

Everday Bill posts your team’s Icebreaker answers. When teammates learn more about each other, they build trust. Learn why building trust in your team is so important.

Bring friendly competition to your workspace.

Track who on your team is scoring the most points with a daily leaderboard. Competition is a another great way to make your team feel more like a team.

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Example Questions

  • What's the last movie that made you cry?
  • What fictional world would you like to visit?
  • What's one thing you can do better than most people?
  • What person do you look up to the most?
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