10 Team Building Games For Managers Of Remote Teams

You're a manager whose company has just transitioned to being fully remote. The change is exciting, but also a little terrifying. Working remotely is notorious for not having the same level of sociability as working in the office. Many remote workers fear that by working remotely they are going to suffer from isolation and loneliness. And managers, like yourself, worry that their team isn't going to be connected and/or engage in non-work related activities.

One of the best things that a manager can do to keep their team connected and engaged in a remote environment is by playing remote friendly games. Online games are naturally designed to be played remotely, so they are a great and easy way to get your team together to do something fun and competitive.

Here is our list of the top 10 Team Building Games For Managers Of Remote Teams.

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This game has gotten a lot of traction as of late and it's no surprise why! This fun online Pictionary type game is a ton of fun. It's super short as well so you can knock off a couple of rounds in between meetings.


This is a fantastic online version of the classic Scattegories.

3. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a pretty well known spin on Charades, but it can also be done remotely! Just lift your phone to your webcam so everyone on a Zoom call can see.

4. War of the Wizards

This is a great game for a more geeky team! In this RPG style game you play as wizards and battle it out.


Sit around the virtual campfire with this fun activity!

6. Emoji Games

This one takes a bit more manual labor, but it's still super easy to implement. Especially if you're using Slack or Microsoft Teams. Check out to create an awesome Emoji Game here.

7. jackbox games


9. Words With Friends

10. Kahoot