Emoji Games


This idea is great for your chat based communication channels, whether it's on something like Slack or Microsoft Teams. The concept is to guess what a series of Emojis are spelling out. You can use movies, celebrities, companies, and many more. This game has gained traction online over the past few years but it still fun to play!


  1. There's many different ways you can approach this game. But let's go with the movies route.
  2. Start off with one movie. Let's try the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  3. Think about the iconic images from the movie, and represent them using emojis. 🐢🥋🗽🍕
  4. Do this with 9 more movies.
  5. Post 10 of these emoji puzzles in one of your fun themed channels in your workspace.
  6. Ask your team to guess the movies, and share the right answers later on in the day.

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