What 6 Remote Work Companies Offer As Office Equipment Stipend

Have your employees been asking about an allowance for home office equipment? Maybe your dev need a new keyboard, or your designer is asking for fresh monitors. It might be smart to see what other companies offer as stipends for remote office improvement. Here's a list of what 5 amazing companies have offered so far for their team working remotely.



Buffer offers a one-time payment of $500 to set up their home office, and a $200 annual stipend for technology costs.


Shopify & Twitter

Shopify and Twitter offered $1,000 to set up a remote office.



Chegg pays its remote workers’ monthly internet bill and gives them $500 for home office furnishings.



Webflow offers $250/month for it's remote employees.


Code Climate

Code Climate says,

"We offer a 1 time $500 stipend OR a monthly office rental allowance (if people don't want to work at home) up to $400 a month".



Hopefully this helped you get an idea for what some companies are offering their teams during these unprecedented times. And since the WFH movement is a new trend that's taking off, you can always go the unconventional route. Previously we've discussed how you can turn a hackathon in your company as a way to fund home improvement budget.