Making Remote Work Fun: The Pina Colada Game

At Bill Is Fun, we try to come up with fun and original activities that help teammates get to know each other better. There's a ton of options out there for anyone who wants to increase engagament in their remote workspace. The problem is that most of these options are either unoriginal or not actually fun to play. Our goal is fight against this trend and provide activities that are highly enjoyable and effective in helping you learn about your teammates.


We thought it would be a good idea to share with you what we have been creating for our users. That way you can apply similar ideas to your own team.


Our most recent activity is based on Rupert Holme's classic song Escape, a.k.a., the famous "Pina Colada Song". If you're not familiar, the song details two people who are looking for love using the personal ads of a newspaper. The two describe what interests them in these ads. That's where the classic lines, "If you like pina coladas/Getting stuck in the rain" come from.


Taking inspiration from this beloved tune, we decided to create an event where our users could recreate work friendly versions of the ad described in the Pina Colada song. This activity was a hit with our users! Here's how we did it.

notion image

Created a Google Form to collect answers. We came up with questions based on the chorus of the Pina Colada Song.

notion image

Then we collected all the answers and created individual "ads" for each person who submitted.

notion image

And finally, we posted all the answers in our users' Slack workspaces so the whole team can enjoy learning about each other. At Bill Is Fun, all of our users have a #billisfun workplace where all the awesomeness goes down.


We hope this activity inspires you to approach remote work engagement in new, creative ways! If you want to learn about more activities like this, please let us know by responding to our newsletter email.