How to Create an Emoji in Slack and Improve Team Culture.

Slack is a great communication tool for your team. How can you make it more fun and engaging? Custom Emoji can be a way to go. Let me tech you how to add them to Slack.


I get it. You want something custom in your Slack workplace. Something that will add more life and get people engaged and inspired. Custom emoji in Slack is a great start to achieve it.


Add a Custom Emoji with just a few Clicks.

Let me show you how to add Emoji to your Slack.

In your Slack (Web or App version) click on the Emoji button in the chat section.

notion image

Click Add Emoji. Then upload your image and don't forget to give it a name.

notion image
notion image

If you followed all the steps above, I can congratulate you. You made your Slack workspace a bit more fun, cozier, and unique.


Did you make a mess?

Did you choose a wrong image or pick a bad emoji name? Don't worry, you can fix this.

Click on your workplace name on the top left corner to expand the menu.

Then in the dropdown menu Choose Settings & Administration. Then choose Customize option.

notion image

In the opened menu you can delete the added emoji if you'd like.

notion image

Spice it up with GIFs.

It doesn't have to be a still image to make an Emoji. We can use fun Gifs. And let's not argue how to pronounce them properly. The process is exactly the same. Slack will compress and resize it for you without any hustle. The only recommendation I'd have is to use simple GIFs. They will stand out more!

notion image

Get inspired.

Here one great resource were you can find lots of great emoji. It is Slackmojis They are already optimized for Slack. The Party Parrot is a great example.👇

notion image

Remember it's not what you do, but how you use it.

Now it's time to think how to turn this into something more that just pixels on your screen. What if your custom Emoji can play a bigger role in your company?

What if they can improve your team culture?

For example, you can reward your team with an emoji for doing something valuable. Or you could use custom Emoji to mark positive messages. You can use those emoji as a native currency in your Slack and then exchange to financial bonuses later. The world is your oyster, but think how your virtual Slack can be improved.