How to Help Your Team Discover Mission Moments with Slack

Are you having trouble creating mission moments to help keep your team stay connected and engaged? And are you a non-profit, socially driven team that is motivated by bringing positive impact to the world?


Creating and sharing mission moments can be challenging, especially for large teams. Mission moments are important because they bridge the hard work that your team is doing, with the affect it has in the real world. If you're having trouble creating mission moments to encourage your team, here is an easy solution you can implement in Slack today.

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Discover Mission Moments In Slack

We're going to create a new channel in Slack whose sole purpose is to allow your team to share mission moments that they have stumbled upon.


Step 1.

Create a channel in your Slack workspace titled #missionmoments.


Step 2.

Pin 📌 a message to the channel that describes the purpose of the channel. You can type "Please share any mission moments you discovered this week!".


Step 3.

Share and discuss the mission moments your team shared in your next meeting!


Wala 🤩!