How To Use Slack To Communicate Company Values With Your Team

What if you have awesome company values that nobody knows about? And what if the leadership in your company is unaware that the many on your team is not aware of these values?


It's not uncommon, especially for growing organizations, that the values, missions, and brand identity of your company get lost in translation. Even with having extensive documentation, your team can still be unaware that there are specific values driving leadership's decisions.


However, there are ways to better communicate your company's team values. And you can focus these effforts where your team is already working, in places like Slack. Here is how you easily use the Slackbot feature to better communicate your company's values with your team.


How To Use Slackbot To Communicate Your Company's Values


Step 1:

First locate your Slackbot settings in your Slack workspace. You will find the Slackbot Tab when you click on "Customize Your Workspace Name" under "Settings and Administration".

notion image

Step 2:

Now, pick one company value. Click "Add New Response". In the "When someone says" section, type in a company value that you like. And in the "Slackbot responds" section, type in a response that recognizes a company value was mentioned. Try andd make it fun and encouraging!

notion image

Now watch as your team begins to discover and act upon your company's values!!!