How To Create Fun Icebreaker Questions For Zoom Meetings

While Zoom fatigue is 100% a real thing, not all of our meetings have to feel like graveyards.

A great way to bring some life and energy into your Zoom meeeting, is by asking a fun icebreaker question. This will help loosen up your team and drive higher engagement during your meeting.

But not all icebreaker questions are ice stars. Some are frankly just, rocks. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to come up with the coolest icebreaker you can 😎.


Step 1: Think about your team's personality 🤓

Think about the personality of your team. Do they lean more in the artistic, geeky, or adventurous type? This will help you pick a topic to center your icebreaker around. Let's imagine we're in a meeting with a team of engineers. So I'm going to pick the topic: Computers.


Step 2: Find a universally shared experience 🌍

The best icebreaker questions are ones that everyone can answer. That means we have to think about experiences that are universally shared. What's something that all engineers on my team have probably experienced?


Well, I bet they all went to school! So now we have Computers and School as two fundemental parts of our icebreaker question.


Step 3: Pick a type of question ⍰

The next step is to figure out what type of question we are going to ask. The main types of icebreaker questions are What, If, How, When, and Why questions. Let's take a stab at a What question.


Step 4: Get creative! 🎨

Now it's your time to shine! We have few pieces that will make this process easier. A What question for engineers, an experience that happened in school, and computers as the topic.


Here's what I came up with: What's one of your favorite memories from using a computer at school?


I think this is sure to get people talking! What icebreaker question did you come up with?