How To Celebrate Earth Day While Being Remote

Finally, Springtime has arrived. As a Colorado resident, I'm excited for the snowy days to cease, and warmer days to roll back in.


One staple of the Spring season is Earth Day. Earth Day occurs every year on April 22nd, and is used to celebrate and bring awareness to environmental movements across the globe. If your team is envrionmentally conscious, you might be wondering how you can celebrate Earth Day while also working remotely.


Here's an activity that your remote team can participate in to celebrate Earth Day. It's fun, easy, and it involves growing plants 🌻!

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How To Do Earth Day While Working From Home


Step 1: Find A Place To Buy Seeds

The trickiest part of this process is getting seeds sent to your team. Luckily, there are services that can help you out. You can order and ship seeds from Harris Seeds. If you want, you can ship seeds directly to individuals. Or you can first ship the seeds to yourself.

We recommend buying seeds that are easy to grow indoors. That way anyone on your team can participate.


Step 2: Educate Your Team

It might sound surprising, but not everyone knows how to grow a plant in their own room. And not everyone owns the necessary tools to do so. So send them a video like this one on how to plant seeds. And give them some good pot recommendations that are available on Amazon.


Step 3: Show off!

Ideally, you have started preparing for this event early. So on Earth Day, you can host a Zoom call where your team shows off what plants their growing, and their plans for keeping care of it.