Gen Z Topics Explained For Older Managers

Do you have an employee who was born sometime after the mid-90s and are having trouble relating to them? Some days you might hear them talking about their favorite TikToks, some weird game called Among Us, or a basketball player named Tyler Herro. So, in a desperate attempt to join the conversation, you say something like, "I love TLC's last ablum!". Then you're met with an akward silence, and you go back to your office with less confidence to ever relate to the younger generation. But don't give up just yet! We got your back with 10 explanations of things Gen Z loves. With this guide, you'll never feel irrelevant again! Except of course, when you go back home and talk to your own kids.

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1. Tik Tok

You've definitely heard the name, but you probably have no idea what it is other than "the app that my kids like to dance on".

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2. Vine

To really understand why Tik Tok is so popular, you have to understand what Vine was. Here's an explanation.


3. Hypebeasts

Those who revel in high priced, trendy street clothing are known as hypebeasts. But there's a lot more to know about who they are and why they are so obssessed with what they wear.

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4. Spotify

The term "Spotify playlist" is in the lexicon of almost young American. Find out why.


5. Post Malone

You might look at Post Malone and notice he doesn't have the classic American popstar look. How did Post Malone become one of Gen Z's most revered artisits. Well, learn more here.


6. Mincecraft

If there's one game that has defined the video game habits of Gen Z, it has to be Minecraft. A game that combines free exploration, building mechanics, and multiplayer fun.

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7. David Dobrik

You might have heard the term "vlogger" before. They now influence Gen Z more than most traditional celebrities. One of the most well known and high paid vloggers out there is this guy.


8. Memes

Ok, to be fair, most of us at this point have a decent understanding of what a meme is. But the origins of the internet meme are rooted deeply in concepts that define Gen Z, both good and bad.

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9. Anime

While anime was popular in Japan for quite some time now, it took a while to find it's way to the States. During the 2010s, anime pierced American culture like never before, becoming a staple in the lives of many of those in Gen Z.

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10. Reddit

Reddit is described as "the homepage of the internet". Find out why Reddit has become an essential way people in Gen Z consume and share information.

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