5 HR Focused KPIs That Are Guaranteed Winners

So, you're tasked to do another quarterly report. Since it will be seen by your exec team, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Don't worry, to get your started here's 5 Core Metrics to include.


Employee Happiness Score

You can create a simple TypeForm survey that will ask various questions about the current morale state of your team. A question like "Do you think your manager values your feedback?" can bring new understanding.


Turnover Rate

You can go in depth here and find reasons for your turnovers. Was it voluntary, or was there an unknown issue? Feel free to report them, they might lead to prevention of the same problems.



It's an important metric that helps find which team members get their promotion (department, location). If certain departments are doing something right, you can investigate further and implement any discovered insights. It's also a good idea to include performance metrics here. Again, it's a metric that is best shown in progression. Think of it in terms of before and after.


Diversity and Inclusion

This metric can be understood better in progression towards your diversity goal. Instead of showing just your current state, how were the things same quarter last year and what numbers you're trying to achieve? Twitter did it well with their reports a few years ago.

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Recruiting Metrics

Since you're growing, it's smart to figure out your recruitment blindspots. Dig into cost to hire, lead source, and time to fill for each position. Those are the main metrics that can improve your hiring strategy.


Don't sweat 😀

You might be just learning to work with data. Don't overthink it. Show what is available, learn from your experience, spot mistakes and improve upon them.