3 Interactive Games To Help Make Your Next Kickoff Meeting More Fun

Let's say you want to spice up your next kickoff meeting. Of course, you want to make sure it will be well received by your co-workers. Nothing that will make the kickoff boring or dreadful. We've all been there bring forced to play an awkward icebreaker question. Here are some options for some interactove games that will make your next kickoff a successful one.



This company offers various virtual games and activities conducted by passionate hosts. It's not free, but other people and culture managers have very high opinions about the experience.



You can spice up your entire presentation experience with interactive quizzes where participants can earn points. Kahoot also lets you to create mini trivia games between different presentation sections. This site will definitely help you get folks engaged.



CrowdParty is a collection of different mini games that can be played on Zoom, Google Meet, or whatever your preferred choice of video conferencing is. As with the other options, CrowdParty has been liked by people geeks and their colleagues.


These interactive games will definitely get your team talking to each other and building new connections. Don't stress out about the options, they're all 🔥, so give one a try!