25 Topics To Talk About At Work That Aren't Political

Oh boy, it's election season. If you've been living under a rock your whole life and are unaware, the presidential elections are underway in the US. Tensions are going to be high, Slack channels might get a little hot, and Twitter mobs are going to be fully activated. These are important times, of course. It's a time of the year where we can express our voices and fight for what we believe in. Democracy realized through votes, debates, and protests. But, it's also a time where stress levels are high and sensitivity levels are teetering. So, for the sanity of our fellow teammates at work, we want to be cautious of bringing up political topics. And also for your own sanity! Sometimes we need to step back from politics to focus on other aspects of life that are just as important, and meaningful. Here are 25 topics to to talk about at work that aren't political!

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Pets, they just make us so happy!

Your favorite restaurants in the city.

Places you're dying to travel to.



Your favorite ways to exercise.

Stories from your college days.

Where you grew up.

Your favorite TV shows.

Extreme sports that you want to try.

What your plans for Halloween are.

How's your family doing?

A funny joke you've heard recently.

Homemade cooking recipes you love.

Home projects you're working on.

Bad dates you've had in the past.

What's on your Christmas list?

Instruments that you've played.

A foreign language that you want to learn.

Your favorite alcoholic drinks.

Your hobbies.

Career goals.

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How it's like being a parent.

Good music you've been listening to recently.

What you've been doing to stay relaxed and stress free.